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At last you have the opportunity to learn this fabulous classic partner dance in Sheffield.  Danced to swing music or more modern tunes, it's fun, sociable and easy to learn.  It's also stylish and smooth and feels great to do.  If you like to slide across the dance floor, at medium to fast tempos, without getting too tired, then this is the dance for you.

We run classes for absolute beginners so, even if you haven't done any dancing at all, you can soon master the basics.  If you have previously learned other dances, like Jive, Tango, Ballroom Dancing or Salsa, you will be able to take it further, and what you learn about technique, together with leading and following, will add a whole new dimension to your dancing.

Balboa is currently undergoing a huge revival across Europe and the USA making it one of the fastest growing dance styles of the 21st century.  If you go to a swing dance you are sure to see someone dancing Balboa.

This is what Balboa looks like at its best

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Classes are held in the city centre on Thursday evenings.  We are a friendly group who dance with each other, and new people are always welcome.

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